Thursday, September 29, 2011

organic oxygen bar.

In my spare time, I move mountains. 
I took a little break this afternoon from the insane week I'm having that hasn't provided much opportunity for sleep as I flip flop between day shift and night shift, work a few twelves, a random eight, one long sixteen, attend classes, work on group projects, watch lectures, write important dates in my planner, make a lot of professional phone calls re: my future... and went to the one place I've been dying to go where I would have no cell service and no internet access: Mount Rainier.  
 Heather and I went on a strenuous three mile hike down to the most serene lake. Seriously, if you stared straight down in to the emerald water, you couldn't even see that it was there; it was so clear!
The forest was incredibly quiet and peaceful and the wafts of alpine made me super excited for Christmas.

How professional does she look? I kept complimenting her on all her awesome hiking gear. Her response: If you are going to marry a {metro} mountain man, you should probably invest in proper hiking attire. 
The view from the top was absolutely stunning as the sunset painted the sky pastel colours behind the massive Cascades. It was exactly what I needed mid-week to STOP + clarify my mind.  
Akin to an organic oxygen bar, all that pure air has me feeling immensely refreshed and ready to take on the second half of this long stretch of go, go, go. 

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