Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a little slice of heaven.

This week is filled with all kinds of reesey goodness as we celebrate the first year of her life spending these final days of summer swinging in swings at the park, petting the animals at the zoo and splashing in the water at her favourite splash pad.  
Baby Girl turns one tomorrow and while there is a part of me that wishes I could freeze time and hold on to her little hand for forever, it has been a very exciting week watching her take her first steps without the helping hand of anyone.  
 And although my most cherished memories with her this past year were spent in her glider watching those bright blue eyes get heavy as she drifts off to sleep, she now falls to sleep all her own and I find myself savouring the moments right before she goes to sleep-- splashing in the tub a little longer, rubbing a little bit more lavender lotion on her little rolls, combing each one of her fine {albeit unruly} strands of hair a little slower.
 Nearly one-year-old, she's less + less a baby and more + more, a little girl... She takes her shirt off by herself. And sits up all by herself in the big girl tub. And babbles her own story as she reads books to you. It has been a little slice of heaven being greeted with the sweetest little "hi!" every time I enter the room. And see her clap along to "pat-a-cake". And drink from a sippy cup.

She is growing up too quickly as babies {bittersweetly} inevitably do. Her hair is long enough to form the cutest curls at the ends. Her belly laughs should be bottled up. & while she has started to look more and more like a little girl, I still see those precious lips and button nose from when she was newly born.
She sure is some kind-of-wonderful; the little slice of heaven kind.

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