Friday, September 09, 2011

tragically hip{stamatic}.

 Today, Sammi & I rollerbladed thru downtown Vancity to get to the seawall that would eventually lead us to Lord Stanley so we could pick berries and ogle by the pond at the swans; they're mates for a lifetime. Lucky ducks. 
 I don't think she believed how awful I am at rollerblading until I was flying out of control in to oncoming traffic with an inability to stop as she screamed in fear behind me, "Watch out; use your break!!" Eventually we made it, laughing hysterically the entire way and spent all afternoon enjoying the beautiful day! We admired the mermaid... who turned out to be just a woman in a wetsuit. 
 We saw a couple of raccoons and watched the cutest mama otter with her two littles play on the rocks, diving in and out of the water with a flounder they had caught for lunch.  Those pesky piscivores.
 Burrard Inlet is full of barges coming in and seaplanes taking off... too quickly to capture on digital film. The blade/bike/walk path goes all along the edge of the inlet smelling richly of sweet pine and salty water. It's a lovely little park in the center of one of my favourite cities... right up there with Florence, NYC, Paris and Surfer's Paradise. 
Summer is at its peak in the Pacific Northwest. Highs in the 80s. Just enough clouds to act as natural parasols when the sun shines a little too bright. Usually come September, I'm wishing for wooly scarves, shiny boots and pumpkin spice lattes but this Fall, all I'm longing for is a sailboat, a cold bevie and the promise that this summer will never end.  

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