Sunday, November 20, 2011

hash tags + #thehighlightsofhome.

A picturesque sunset over the Pacific at the border set the tone  to the beginning of an incredible holiday in Manitoba last week! Going home was exactly the break I needed after writing midterms {maybe in between the ceremony + reception?} before the crunch time of finishing out the semester hits next week. I'm currently reaching a new level of exhaustion, working my third of six shifts in a row, but I am so glad I have some instagrams to remind me of my favourite moments {in no particular order!} to carry me through that seventy-second hour...
1. Sammi & Ryan's fairytale wedding... and waking up to a wicked hangover + a menu that did not serve "dignity"   #muchtomydismay
2. Cuddles with my baby cousins... in beanies and bellies. #eyesofanangel
3. Tournaments with Grams... her dicey skills are improving... rolling a yahtzee of sixes as I was walking out the door to catch my flight!   #thatlittlerotter
4. Sleepovers that consisted of an abundance of clarifying pillow talk with Tasha & a lovely dinner made by Baba... with the fabulous company of the soon-to-be bride! 07-07-12  #datesaved
5. Conversations over draft beers and bottles of wine with close friends. #friendsaresthefamilyyouchoose.
6. Family traditions... like the Santa Claus parade... and warm enough weather in November to enjoy it. #thankyoumothernature
7. Cheering on the local team after a family dinner relishing in the small town goodness of Dauphin... where everybody knows everybody. #everybodycallsyafriend
8. My dream date for the wedding... and the company of old co-workers turned forever friends.   #girlaftermyownheart
9. Planning our eurotrip in our jammies over a cup of coffee with an encyclopedia, a pen and paper watching the first snow fall out the window. #whoneedsgoogleimage
10. Learning that it is okay to realize that sometimes right where you started from is right where you belong... now if I only could figure out how to bottle up + preserve the happiness that is generated from the comforts of being home... #homeiswheretheheartis   #suburbsofutopia

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Jenna E said...

beautiful post <3. I also recognize that wedding from Arlene Dibley's fb page :p. Stunning couple!