Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I spent the last five days in my happy place.. Home Sweet Hollywood... with my happy people... celebrating Halloween in true LA fashion... so happily for four nights in a row.
Friday night, we crashed the same Harvard party we went to last year but this year it was right down the street from Carly's WeHo apartment at Voyeur... 
It was the dress rehearsal for our costumes as Saturday night was when I truly metamorphosized {not a word? it should be!} in to Hipster Belle with a morning date with Tate the Great where I kissed my blonde locks au revoir! We spent most of the evening creating a Disney Cover Band when our cab kept self-cancelling and we were left to do nothing but sing at the top of our lungs in the dining room before heading out to Beauty Bar... only to leave one beer later and eat our princess hearts out next door at Kitchen 24. Smack + cheese + peas, please!  
Sunday was spent perusing farmer markets and hiking the hills and pondering life at happy hour before going to see one of Carly's co-workers perform a spooky show at the Improv...
We finally made it to the West Hollywood Costume Carnival Monday night where I was deeply saddened to learn that there wasn't an actual parade of drags and floats and candy but the sea of 100,000 crazy people in absurd costumes made up for it.
My two favorites being Modern Family and the Costco taste-testing ladies complete with real samples.  
I can hardly believe that it is already November... which really only means one thing to me: I will be listening {exclusively} to Christmas music for the next seven and a 1/2 weeks... 

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