Sunday, November 06, 2011

go dawgs.

It has been one crazy week with very little consumption of anything other than caffeine... and even less sleep... between working and studying and moving but I took a little time out after a pathophysiology review session to attend my first {and last} Husky game last night! I don't think any home game experience will compare to the Swamp but I was happy to know that UW prepares for big games much like the Gators do. We tailgated and watched real football {Read: the SEC games!} under a tent. We watched all the boats motor up to the stadium since the East end of the stadium is lined with water from Lake Washington. 
We shotgunned PBRs, barked our hearts out and then headed over to the Ave afterwards for some hole-in-the-wall gyros and a pitcher of beer at a very collegiate watering hole by the name of Finn MacCools...

Never in Florida did I wear a Columbia beanie and have hand warmers in my mitts as I sipped on a hot chocolate for the entire second quarter of a game. It was freezing but the crowd was crazy fun since Oregon is their biggest rival and it was not just the last home game of the season but for the entire next year when the Husky stadium closes for renovations! Go Dawgs!!

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