Monday, November 07, 2011


I have two exams to write this week before I take off to the Great White North to celebrate these two stunning lovebirds and see all the beautiful people in Manitoba who I miss so dearly for six entire days. I have not had time to capture all the moments I am celebrating this week so I will leave you with lovely engagement photogs of the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. McVeigh... because they're really who this week is about! =)  
Have I mentioned my life is currently in boxes and bins between two different places in two very separate neighbourhoods that requires me spending forty minutes on the 5 to make the 8-mile commute between the two... and have I told you that I am working the next three nights when I have so much packing and cleaning and studying to do before I fly out on Thursday... from Vancouver, none-the-less? I'm so glad I spent my teenage years in a home that didn't believe in sleeping in... no matter how scattered my hormones were or what kind of growth spurt I was enduring... At the time, it only made me moodier but in retrospect, I'm thankful for the "sleep when you are dead" mantra that woke me up at 10AM every weekend morning. I never would have thought that teenage angst would have prepared me so well for my twenty-somethings when sleep was no longer a necessity but something I do exclusively on Sundays. Heinsight, always twenty/twenty.
Somehow, I still have the energy to celebrate today...Monday! My favourite day of the week! The fresh start where I can forget about all the things I didn't get done last week and draw out a schematic of the amount of hours in each day and appropriate each one to studying/cleaning/packing/working... the careful crafting of a master plan to get thru this week... pausing briefly to remind myself to breathe, inhale/exhale, repeat.
I am celebrating the changing of seasons... the red and yellow trees that pepper the streets are losing their leaves and turning every sidewalk in to an autumn-hued blanket of Fall. The peaks of the Cascades to the West and the Olympics to the East are covered in a blanket of snow off there in the distance and it gets dark here at a prompt 4:43 p.m. The temps have dropped to a mere 40 degrees in the evening but the sun in still fighting a strong battle, shining ever-so-brightly for ten glorious hours. Winter is coming, I can feel it in my bones... but how fabulous will it be to live in a winter-sports mecca where I will spend my days off snow shoeing and snowboarding this January? Renewed outlook, at its finest.
I am greatly celebrating that there is one month left of the autumn quarter. Contrary to what my circadian rhythm thinks, I might just make it through since I got a 94% on my last exam. (We won't talk about my patho exam...) School has proven to be harder and a heavier workload than I ever thought possible but I am celebrating the constant challenge that is pushing me outside my comfort zone and making my brain think in depths I didn't know I had, think cellular level.  
Remember how I mentioned I made a new friend on my first day of school? Well, I am sooo super celebrating that she is my new roommate in an adorable little house in the quiet parts of this bustling city!? She even has a dog and I am so super excited to walk him around the {green} lake in my new hood. I cannot wait to introduce you to her! I have absolutely loved living downtown, within walking distance to Pike Place, living above a Starbucks... but can we talk about how this major metropolitan city never sleeps? I would love it if the bags under my eyes would disappear. Excessive amounts of erasepaste isn't cutting it these days.   
{Sidebar: When I hear this song, I laugh and cry simultaneously thinking it could very well have been written about me! People don't really hoop and holler... do they? End sidebar.}  I am most excited to be going home this weekend. I have been looking forward to seeing all my old friends and my lovely family for the past month and no amount of... err, snow! will deter me from enjoying every cup of tea, every cuddle from my cousins, every round of scrabble at the cabin, every ceasar with my tristy and every two-steppin' polka at the reception! I am absolutely celebrating my restored adoration for all things prairie life and absolutely cannot wait to immerse myself in the small town goodness that is Manitoba this weekend!! Someone give me an "Amen!" 

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Jenna E said...

Amen!!! Have fun Jocelyn!!