Wednesday, November 02, 2011

party animals.

There will come a day when we spend hours picking out costumes for our {future} children {instead} and coordinate the perfect family of five themed costume. Halloween will be a holiday full of family traditions, teaching our kids to say "trick-or-treat" and ringing the doorbell of all the cookie cutters homes in our suburban neighborhood collecting a pumpkin-shaped bucket full of candy. We will return home at dark and tuck our littles in to their tiny beds and struggle to stay awake to divide all their candy in to categories {chocolate. sour. chewy. etc.} before calling it an early night and fall asleep reminiscing about what all Hallow's Eve used to be like in the good ole days... Until that day comes, we will continue to party like scantily-clad animals for the good ole days are right now... 

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