Wednesday, December 14, 2011

all he does is win.

Tim Tebow: Everything in Between Interview & Production Outtakes from FCTN on Vimeo.
I have expressed my love for Tebow on several occasions on this blog {like here and here}... and when searching my blogger for past posts about said superhero, I found the video below in a draft I had written in May about Timmy's muscles... accompanied by a clever tag line something along the lines of "T.T.'s triceps fuel me."
Anyways, for the first time in my life, I am following pro football... well actually just Tebow... and Prater, too (he was the kicker for my high school football team! Go Wildcats!) I still don't really understand the sport. I know there's four quarters. Four downs... and recently, I've been loving all the ways the number four has crept in to my life... I know there's a field, particularly a fifty yard line, where the grass is freshly cut and probably damp with dew? And I know the object of the game is to score. And that's really the extent of my knowledge... but knowing zilch about football, I can still watch a Broncos game and know there is something supernatural about it! Its like there are angels strategically placing fumbles in almost field goal range and invisible unicorns that carry Prater's perfectly kicked ball through the posts. 
Watching Tebow play in the Swamp on Saturdays for three years was incredible. The way he carried the team... he was virtually unstoppable {May I remind you of the jump pass? And Superman strikes again...} It's unbelievable the way he scores {touchdowns} and good lawd, do I love the contours of his body. I've seen them IRL up close and personal at a pool party senior year of college. Yup, god's gift to women. 

I was told yesterday that Tebow had a 1 in 860,000 chance of winning the last six games... and he did it. The way he wins against all odds makes me want to put on a Tebow jersey and go hop a fence.

God Bless and Go Broncos! GB{squared}


Katie said...

Hi! My name is Jocelyn! I love Tim Tebow and anything that happens on football fields. Particularly, on the 50 yard line.

(You are sick)

But I love you!


GGD said...

Did you see the SNL clip of Tebow talking to Jesus?