Thursday, December 29, 2011

the one where she went to europe + only took photos with instagram.

I'm {almost} ashamed to admit that all week I have been putting my actual camera away to take pictures with my iphone, more specifically instagram. {Follow me @joc_lense}. This continent is a pseudo-photographer's dream, with so much history written in to every brick, stone and statue. There is an incredible amount of culture hidden in each  window display, restaurant and city street... and a huge part of me feels like I am failing to capture it properly, immediately filtering it into a "Nashville" version of its real beauty. I've promised myself to remove the gum from the front of my camera to allow the lens to open properly tomorrow so I can take some actual photographs on our hop on, hop off tour of London but in the interim...
Location: Academie Nationale de Musique, Paris, France

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