Monday, December 12, 2011

much-to-celebrate-monday: scraps of magic.

I seriously love Mondays. I know I say this every Monday but I really do. I have this obsession with milestones and cornerstones and family stones... all those subtle markers that make you aware of passage of time, making certain that life doesn't fly by without you stopping to reflect on where you've been and where you're headed...that amidst the uncertainty, your life is exactly where it is supposed to be... even if it feels like a wild ride. Mondays to me are that calm before the rollercoaster makes that last creak over the top that sends you spinning in to a weeklong oblivion, that perfect view of every loop-di-loo you'll have to get through before the winds of life whip through your hair...
Celebrations are only complete when cupcakes are consumed.
This week I am celebrating little scraps of magic. I am celebrating that I got an A on my case study, an A on my final presentation, two papers written (that do not have grades yet) and a 100% on my neonatal final last night! I am celebrating that I only have two more finals to go. I am celebrating that I have 6 shifts left and then an unknown employment situation come January. It must be celebrated that I'm so stressed about school,  I don't have enough cortisol to stress about the fact that I won't have a job in the new year, as of yet. {Eeeek.} I am celebrating that I'm slowly piecing my room together, framing pictures, lighting candles, building bookshelves and what not. Enjoying those small things. I'm celebrating that it's less than two weeks 'til Christmas and my heart is filled with so much holiday cheer as everything tastes like peppermint, everything smells like Christmas cookies and our halls are decked with real, live mistletoe. & to all those European Christmas villages, I am coming for you! I am celebrating sweet Gideon and the miracle he is. He touched my heart, that angel baby.

Let go of the handlebars and celebrate!

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Katie said...

BIG tears happening right now!! This is amazing!! I remember you writing about him when you worked with him in Canada... I can't even imagine. What a miracle!!

I'm gonna go hold my baby now...