Friday, December 23, 2011


I think it finally hit me some time around 10PM last night when I was trying to fall asleep to get up at o'darkhundred to make my 6:00AM flight that I was actually going to Paris today! I poured myself a bottle a wine, cracked open the cookie dough and rocked around the {make-belief} Christmas tree to Michael Buble's christmas album to the wee hours of this morning... I never actually fell asleep last night but I did clean the house spotless, build a bookshelf, unpack a few boxes, do three loads of laundry, watch Midnight in Paris (awful movie), pack my 52lb suitcase and take a bath... {Productivity is a matter of perception.} 
I did fall asleep before take-off on the short 1.5 hour flight to Salt Lake City where I woke up when we slammed touched down. I proceeded to groggily cab in to the city's center to explore the Temple. I {obvi} wasn't allowed in to the real one but the replica in the visitor's center looks magnifique! 
It's rather cold here in Salt Lake City but in just one more hour, I will be en route to Paris! bon voyage, beetches! joyeux noel, mon amours!! =) 

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