Monday, December 05, 2011


I feel like I shouldn't be celebrating because I have too much on my plate {As Katie would say... and I can't eat it all!} I literally don't have time for distractions but I'm still on a bit of a high from last week's ah-mazing visit to Florida and I can hardly contain my excitement! Aaaand it's the first Monday of December and there is a little drummer boy dancing around in my heart chanting Celebrate! Celebrate! 
... so I'm going to. I am celebrating that the end is near. I gave up a long time ago to try to get ahead of the game but if I make it through this semester,  I will feel mucho accomplished. Nine more shifts, three more finals, one final presentation and one 10-page paper and I'm done! Then, I am off to Paris to immerse myself in the French culture and forget about nursing and how it consumes every waking minute of my life. I'm also celebrating that if I really do pull this semester off without an ulcer, I will actually consider re-enrolling in school in January... 
I am celebrating that I am finally unpacking my life in my lovely little home. I have been sleeping on a camping mattress for the last three weeks and thanks to the kindness of a schoolmate, I have a bed!! I slept in it for the first time last night and accidentally didn't get up til noon today. I made a visit to IKEA and found a Snow White-esque dresser 40% off {I never find anything on sale.} that I only put together wrong twice... the second time I left it inside-out... and now I kinda like it with the screws on the outside... 
I am celebrating that the sun has been shining the last two days in Seattle. It is a freezing forty degrees but the Vitamin D I consume sitting in coffee shop windows makes me not mind the cold, not one {frost}bit.   
I am celebrating that Seattle life is so conducive to studying. There is an abundance of coffee shops in every little niche of this city but I discovered a new one last week that raised the bar when I was able to start a tab at 10AM. I wrote a paper for 6 hours ordering round after round of lattes before switching to PBRs for happy hour in the afternoon! For the record, the paper turned out perfect.

Joyeux Lundi, mon ami!

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