Friday, December 30, 2011

winter wonderland::a place to be experienced.

There's nothing wrong with being happy. 
There's nothing wrong with enjoying something so much it strips away all that irony and cynicism.
And there is nothing wrong with loving anything so much that it feels it could pull your heart out of your chest and toss it on the floor. 
We build ourselves up to not do that, and then we build up the armor so thickly that we have trouble finding what's underneath. 
We use that as an excuse to lash out at people who do feel stuff, who do like things.
It's hard sometimes to remember that the world isn't a place to glide through, so nothing can touch you.
It's a place to be experienced.
--Todd VanDerWerff*

*Thank you, Carly, for this fabulous quote!

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Rick said...

It looks as though you are having a wonderful time. Give hugs and kisses to Gram from us! We miss you and love you!! Mr Rick