Sunday, December 11, 2011

awkward & awesome.

1. Awkward - Auntie Awesome's scary face!
   Awesome - Reesey Bird's oh-so-scary face! 

2. Awkward - Occupying Starbucks for 2 days straight to write a ten-page research paper. When returning to the counter for my third venti caramel brulee latte with light whip in six hours, the barista politely asking, "Have you tried any of our skinny drinks?" 
   Awesome - Staying at Starbucks from 2:00 til 2:00 two days in a row and eavesdropping on the all the conversations happening around me... which sent me in to a perpetual daydream of the days when me and the roommates were four of those Abercrombie-clad, giggly pseudo-adult-ish undergrads whose edges of our world didn't extend past classes, love lives, Friday nights and the perfect combination of four closets, either. Such lovely little daydreams of the best days of my life that penetrated my paper-writing-marathon... 

3. Awkward- Accidentally downloading N*SYNC's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays music video circa 1998 instead of the single on iTunes.
   Awesome- Accidentally downloading N*SYNC's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays music video circa 1998 instead of the single on iTunes. You're welcome. 

4. Awkward- Having my patient's sterile bedside decorated from the floor to the ceiling with presents and enough tinsel to send my incubator to space by an unstable mother who believes she went straight to North Pole and sat on Santa's lap.  
   Awesome - Running to Trophy, a cupcakery around the corner from my hospital, on my break to get out of the psych ward NICU and indulge in a hazelnut chocolate cupcake! 

5. Awkward - Ugly crying in the small cabin of a plane for four and a half hours writing a good-bye letter, ignoring the quizzical looks from the unfortunate passenger assigned to the seat next to me. 
   Awesome - Pressing send, setting my heart free and giving a much needed update to my modern day fairytale. Oh, it's a happy ending, all right! 

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