Thursday, December 29, 2011

perfect night in paris.

On Tuesday night, Grams + I met Kim near the Moulin Rouge at a tiny little hole-in-the-wall by the name of Refuge des Fondus.

The owner was rude in true French fashion. The cheese was average and you only get a basket of bread to dip in it but there is something that I absolutely love about the atmosphere that makes you feel like you are having the swirliest dining experience. Sitting family style, there are only two tables in the whole place and there is always a line outside to get one of the coveted seats. You sit squished next to a stranger, undoubtedly speaking in another language but don't worry because the wine comes served in baby bottles so when it inevitably gets knocked over, it won't spill. Carly and I ate here a few summers back and it was one of two things on my "must do in paris" list. 

I discovered this unassuming fondue restaurant in a Cosmopolitan magazine, presumably in an article about how Paris is the most romantic city in the world and if you came to France with your lover, this restaurant would be the perfect beginning to a perfect night that could end with a winding walk through the enchanting streets of Montmartre before the perfect proposal in front of the stunning Sacre-Coeur {that's french for sacred heart.}

Sans my future husband, Grams, Kim + I's night did not end here at Sacre-Coeur. We headed to the Arc de Triumphe for drinks at Sir Winston's before accidentally timing it perfectly and leaving right when the actual lights are turned off on the Eiffel Tower and just the twinkling lights sparkle on at 1 AM. 
It was the perfect night in Paris.

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Takingstock said...

Loving your blog Jocelyn! The Instagrams are so neat. I love Paris and can only imagine how wonderful it is at Christmas. Have fun with Bertha and I'm guessing your cousin! I am totally envious!