Monday, January 16, 2012

much-to-celebrate-monday: tebow, snowflakes + rodeos.

My heart feels a little bit on fire as the story of {my} life begins a new chapter, this morning feeling a lot like the opening scene of Act I. To set the stage of this next chapter, I am nestled in a lamp-lit corner of a coffee shop up the ridge from my house, watching the first snowflakes of the winter fall aimlessly to the ground. The latte is a hazelnut flavour, richly providing the caffeinated liquid courage to conquer the loong to-do list before me. Bon Iver is whispering in the background and my heart feels so full of celebrations; a feeling that inspired me to put cowboy boots on this morning... in lieu of the usual Wellies... to brave this wintry weather with a new kind of confidence, the this-isn't-my-first-rodeo kind. All kinds of awesomeness have occurred in the first sixteen days of twenty12 and it must be celebrated.
Dustin made it home safely, I met my training goal at the gym last night and Gideon, my miracle patient, is thriving in a way that could allow the trial drug that saved his life to be legalized in half the amount of time it would usually take because of the promise of life + hope it provides people affected by hypophosphatasia.
I'm finding balance between school + sanity, I'm detoxifying my liver for an exciting birthday weekend with my sister from another mister and I'm super excited for June 8th, when Tasha + Aaron will say monochromatic "I do!" in an art gallery in the Great White North. 

I'm giddily counting the downs until I will be in Florida to celebrate Ella Bella's 1/2 birthday with Jess, Reesey + Kara (24 more days to be exact.) and after twenty-seven hours in lecture last week, I'm beyond excited that my graduate work will be dedicated to the boy who inspires me every day as I create a project that assesses parents' concerns with retinopathy of prematurity, the disease that took Christopher's eyesight.

Tebow's football season came to an end Saturday night but the positive example he sets for the country will continue to inspire, Megalina introduced me to a new book that I cannot put down and in trying to be more organized this January, I fear my closet may implode with my creative use of a very small space unpacking from Paris yesterday! =)

Put on striped socks, kick up your boots + celebrate! 

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Katie said...

I am LOVING everything you are celebrating today!!! You know what I especially love, but I am really loving ALL of it!!! I can't wait to hear about what you find out about ROP. I want to see you while you are in Florida. I love your boots, and your socks. You are awesome!! Happy Monday (Tuesday)!!