Friday, January 06, 2012


I'm dog-sitting my roommate's fur baby, Buddy, this week and I'm quickly learning that perhaps I am not cut out to be a dog owner. I've only forgotten to feed him twice in the last two days and I may have kicked and screamed and slammed my door when he jumped on my bed to let him out at 6:40 yesterday morning... I kid. He's a really great dog but walking him in the freezing cold rain is a highly effective form of pet contraceptive. Right before the holidays, Sarah and I took him to Rub a Dub Dog, a D.I.Y. dog wash up the hill from our house. I could not get enough of that place. The foggy windows. The various shampoos. The endless amount of treats. The blow-dry cycle that is similar to a car wash vacuum. The variety of brushes + combs. And my favourite... the apron they provide for you to wear! It is pretty much my new favourite spot to hang out although it would take a lot of treats to get Buddy to step paw in that tub again.  

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