Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I definitely consumed my fair share of cheese, croissants and chocolate in Paris and ate fish + chips + mushy peas at least twice in London but my favourite meal was at an underground restaurant called Wahaca that Grams + I ducked in to fleeing the bad weather one afternoon. We had been walking for blocks looking for a quaint British pub for a classic English experience but we were up to our wellies sloshing through puddles in the pouring down rain and decided we would just eat at the next restaurant we saw. It was a mexican market and we begrudgingly opted to go in feeling like we were cheating on London's fine cuisine... only for all of about 0.5 seconds when they brought out the most aromatic mint tea {for Grams!} and a perfectly spiced michelada {for me!} It was tapas style so the portions were just right, pork tacos were to die for and the guacamole... definitely something to write blog about! My favourite was our churro and chocolate dessert!   

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