Tuesday, January 03, 2012

new year's wishes + twentytwelve's dreams.

Happiness is what happens when your dreams come true
-Wicked the Musical

Bonne annee, mon ami! I'm currently en route back to reality {Read: Seattle} with a looong layover in Paris followed by an even looonger layover overnight in Amsterdam... but I kinda enjoy airports so I'm using this "free time" to people watch, read for pleasure and drink as much Coca-Cola Light as I can stomach before I leave this lovely continent and head back to the real world, where both free time and C.C. Light do not exist.

I've been thinking a lot about what twenty12 will hold for me. Even though the fireworks display in London was absolutely spectacular, I was incredibly sad to see this last year come to an end. It was a whimsical ride... many, many, many ups and downs... characterized by immense growth {both personally and professionally}, repeated tests of strength, continual healing and perpetual happiness... of the genuine kind. 

I loved every minute of it, even the hard times, and when I try to envision what 2012 has in store, my tunnel vision only allows me to see the adult decisions that I will need to make that I kept putting off last year because I didn't have to grow up, yet... not until next year... which is all-of-a-sudden the present. 

They weren't kidding when they said time flies when you're having fun.

I was told that in France they don't make resolutions but instead make wishes for the new year. So, I've decided to dream up twelve wishes, one per month if you will, to help me reach my ultimate goal of figuring out what the helck I'm doing with my life... in hopes that if I am exactly where I want to be, it will lead me to where I need to be.  

My New Year's Wishes + Twenty12 Dreams                               

1. ORGANIZE + SIMPLIFY. Sort through the clutter. Keep only the treasures... and then put them in special places, preferably color-coded + labeled.     
2. TRAIN + MAINTAIN. Find Amy Aerobix. Make her swim, bike, lift and run. Then make her do 10 more reps of each. 
3. DOMESTICATE + CREATE. Cook. Bake. Sew. Knit. Find my green thumb + let my craftastic slip show. 
4. BUDGET + SAVE. Become one with le frugal. Pinch my pennies + rub them together for good luck, good luck with that nest egg incubating in my make-believe savings account. Open savings account. 
5. CELEBRATE + EAT CAKE. Mondays. Every day. Holidays. Birthdays. Small feats. Big victories. The little things. The great people. Put on a party hat + always have cupcakes on hand. 
6. EXPLORE + EXPERIENCE. The outdoors. Alaska. Around me. New restaurants. New avenues. Add stamps to that passport that is expiring in 1.5 years. 
7. DOCUMENT + PRESERVE. Through photographs. And writing. And eloquent combinations of the two. Make memories. Record them so you'll never forget. 
8. BALANCE + STEADY. Balance in diet, exercise {See Wish #2} and rest {See Wish #11}. Be flexible::do yoga. Take your vitamins. Drink lots of H2O and put on sunblock.
9. COMMUNICATE + STAY IN TOUCH.  Respond to e-mails people take the time to write you. Write postcards. Remember anniversaries. Be a better friend, sister, grand{daughter}, auntie, nurse.  
10. LEARN + SYNTHESIZE. Until my brain hurts. Focus. It's only one year and then you are a master. Suck it up and process it with a smile... or quit.                         But you're not a quitter.  
11. BE LAZY + SMELL THE DAISIES. Sleep in... or just sleep, for more than three hours a night. Sloooow down. Forget about what's next. Be present in the what's now. Create a routine, why dontcha?  
12. TAKE CHANCES + LEAPS OF FAITH. Keep an open mind. Be confident. Follow your heart. Love. Love. Love.  

Love. Love. Love.


Natalie said...

Omgosh, I'm glad that I'm not the only one riding the resolution train!! All the best for a magical 2012!! xx Natalie

hannahstiff said...

I love your new year's wishes. Especially train and maintain and eat cake and celebrate. I need to do both of each- but most exercise:) Anyways, I just found your blog (via comment) and I love it! I love the title, I love your optimism... I just started following you and I'll definitely be back. Hope you can stop by, say hi and follow back if you feel compelled:) XO
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