Thursday, January 05, 2012

of all eloquence, a nickname is the most concise.

kara: she's just growing up so fast, i wish time would slow down.
joc: funny, i wish time would speed the hell up. {in regards to my own life}
kara: you will until your life is where you want it be.

Skyping with Kara and Reese is the best antidote for a too-far-away auntie's aching heart. Although the MacBook logo symbolizes the 3000 miles between us, our skype dates almost make me feel like we're in the same place. Ree's little squeal when I scream, "Reeeesey!!" every time our faces come in to view is my favourite moment of each skype date. She always performs her "latest tricks" for me in the background, very busy making soup in her kitchen, reading every book on the shelf, making the sound of all the animals in sight, as Kara and I sip our morning coffee {well actually, I am the only caffeine addict.}, converse about family ties, hiring a cleaning service, our love lives, surviving grad school, the medical profession and how she hosted her first mom's club meeting {so proud, K!}. Kara asked Reese today if she could say "jocelyn" and the sweetest little scrunchy smile came across her face and in her tiny, little angel voice she said, "JayJay". J.J. it is, Reesey Bird. J.J. it is.

Photographs compliments of Jessi Ringer


Katie said...

J.J!! I LOVE it!! Auntie Awesome was very endearing, but J.J. will be much easier for Reesey Bird to say! Also... I am adding you as a Skype contact right now.

Katie said...

Ok, I couldn't find you? Add me!! :)

~Rachel said...

She is so so cute!! And I love your new nickname! :)