Thursday, January 19, 2012


As y'all know {thank you for all the calls, texts, e-mails making sure I was okay}, Seattle is currently getting hit by one of its worst snowstorms in a looong time {which explains the way these people drive in it and why there were 800 accidents in a 24-hour period yesterday...}. In the same way a child sneaks down to the tree on Christmas Eve to see if Santa has come yet, I kept looking out my window to see if it had arrived Tuesday night. Finally I dozed off at about 2:30 {I am settling in so nicely to my current role of unemployed college kid!} only to wake up a few hours later to the sounds of excited children {I don't remember ever hearing these sounds in college...} sledding down my street as I live on a pretty big hill that is apparently the perfect angle to fly down {and slide down sideways in your vehicle while the parents of said children watch you from the top of the ridge shaking their heads... not that I did or anything! ;)}. 

The corner hardware store had sold out of sleds before we had even woken up so my roommate and I took advantage of our snow day by building the world's ugliest snow lady. 

The night's sky was lit up by the snow-cloud-covered-moon so to release our cabin fever, we found ourselves stopping in not one but two different coffee shops that line the four-mile loop around the lake to fill and refill our cups with the most delectable turtle hot chocolate in between making snow angels and kissing snowmen. 

I had kind of missed the snow and definitely got my fill of powder in the Seattle-turned-winter-wonderland yesterday.

Today, however, is a different story. I had a 12:45 flight out of this snowmageddon to the sunny California to celebrate my lovely Carly's 25th birthday.  I'm rescheduled for the 8:40 flight tonight and hoping to goodness that this snow lets up so I don't find myself checking in to a hotel near the airport to get out first thing in the morning... as there is no way I am driving back home with these crazies after dark... and no way I am missing my hair appointment at 11AM with Tate.  I'm currently keeping warm working on schoolwork in a Starbucks close to SEA, optimistically sipping a caramel brulee latte {warmed my heart that they still had some of the discontinued syrup!} smelling like Chanel's Mademoiselle with a fresh face of make-up on as I just spent an hour in Ulta where the girl handed me a belt full of brushes and said, "Have fun!" as I was the only one in the store. 

Now, if these snowflakes could kindly malt in to milkshakes, I would greatly appreciate it as there is fondue to be eaten and a celebration to be had, twenty-five kinds of Carlifornia style, down South! 

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Marianne said...

the love snow-couple having a picnic haha. hope you make it there sooner rather than later and have an amazing time with your girls!