Friday, April 02, 2010

satisfaction in simplicity.

I've always like the month of April. There's always something exciting to look forward to. It has a day entirely dedicated to acting foolish and that's always exciting ... except in Grade 6 when Carly told me her dad got a new job and she was moving away; that was just devastating ... and mean. It's two of the most important people in my life's birthday on the twelfth ... and I always loved celebrating them simultaneously since Kara & Megalina went to university in the same city (read: joint birthday party!!)! As a student, it always marked the end of another year of college and more importantly, the beginning of summer! As life in LA would have it, my April of '09 brought me to Vegas twice - once for Thunder from Down Under and once for the B. Spears concert!! It brought me to the Ellen Show and to a hilarious spoof on Point Break! It brought me to D.C. to spend quality time with the Gallos and to experience Meg and Danny's life in the district; the highlight being teaching in Ms. Meg's first grade classroom! Life is much more simpler(?) this year and I am hoping I can find the same amount of satisfaction in simplicity as I did last year in bedlam... and ultimately, I'm hoping I find inspiration to blog about it. =)

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