Thursday, April 22, 2010

ode to italy.

My Sweet Italy -- It's been about four years since I spent my summer exploring your cobblestone streets and I just want to tell you that I miss your Tuscan touch incredibly! Sometimes I miss you so much it sends lightning strikes through my heart!
I miss your breathtaking views.
I miss your landmarks.

I miss your waterways.

and the way you navigate them...

and the handsome Italian men that navigate the navigation.

I miss your day hikes to the top of volcanoes looking out over
the Mediterranean.
I miss your statues of naked Greek Gods in fountains.
I miss your bascilicas.

You've left me in ruins, like those in Pompeii.

If only I could speak your language, I would tell you that I'm sorry for leaving you but that I never stopped loving you. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and currently, my heart is pained by a giant boot-shaped hole, so incomplete without you. I long for the day I get to see you again.
-ooxxo- Jocelyn

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