Monday, April 26, 2010

on day fifteen, she rested.

Saturday marked the halfway point of my thirty day challenge and I'm not sure how much more bending and balancing my incredibly inflexible, out of shape physique can handle! I had a migraine for three days and I'm pretty sure it was due to a combination of doing yoga in a 100 degree room Thursday night sweating out every drop of water in me and pretty much bending my spine in half ... and then twisting ... every day for the past two weeks straight so I decided to celebrate the fifteenth day of my challenge by boycotting the yoga studio and giving my sore, aching body the much needed break by going for a therapeutic massage at the Solstice Spa in Elk Horn. Grams and I drove up for the afternoon and saw the cutest black bear who looked so sleepy he must of just woken up from his winter's long hibernation on our way back!! The mini-vacation from yoga was just what I needed to get myself reexcited of the thought of yoga for the next fifteen days as I just got back to Winnipeg and I'm heading to the studio to take 2 classes tonight. Wish me luck; and by luck I mean I hope my spine doesn't snap.

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