Thursday, April 15, 2010

salute my shorts.

Today was the first day since I moved here that I could wear shorts outside!! I woke up around noon and noticed it was exceptionally sunny outside. I wrapped myself in my Snuggie, grabbed The Alchemist, a piping hot cup of coffee and a dining room chair (we haven't invested in patio furniture yet!!) and hoped to Helios it would be warm enough to enjoy the rays outdoor and not just through a window.... 2 hours and an entire book later, I am proud to say that I have a tank top sunburn line!! Never have I been so happy to see a hick tan. Since I knew I would eventually be heading to the yoga studio, I ran my errands spandex-clad with flip flops on my feet and not once did I feel like my toes were going to freeze off mid step. It was a beautiful thing. I never realized how much not seeing the sun from October til now affected me. I thought my inability to smile this winter was because I was having a hard time adjusting to a new country, city, roommate and job ... but when that California sunshine hit my skin in March, I felt a rebirth. I instantly began smiling and am quite positive I didn't stop glowing until I returned to the greyness of Winnipeg an entire week later. Never having lived where it wasn't summer year round, I didn't quite believe Seasonal Affect Disorder really existed?? Although the greyness of the Peg is starting to fade to a beautiful barren brown, I'm hoping that the long days of sunshine in the summer will make me want to take back all the negative things I've said about this place in the last six months when I'm basking in the sun til midnight!

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