Tuesday, April 20, 2010

magnificent Monday.

Yesterday was a very exciting Monday!! It was roughly 75 degrees out (or more accurately, whatever 23 is in Celcius) and as I sat in an education class all day staring out the window at the bright, sunshining sun ... I mean learning about new and exciting ways to be a neonatal nurse (that was not the magnificent part of my day)... Mitchell had his dentistry interview across the street in the dental school... Fingers crossed, he finds out at the end of June whether he will get into University of Manitoba's dentistry program... and whether my 'greens' fantasy will ever come true ... just kidding!!
The other text message convo I had all day in class while simultaneously paying close attention to the lectures on Retinopathy and breastfeeding was with Kara who found out she was having a baby girl and consequently, I am going to have a niece!!! =) AJ or Auntie Jocie (I'm allowing this babe to be one of the few privileged people in this world to call me Jocie among the likes of Auntie Paul and well, just Auntie Paul mainly) is very excited to spoil this sweet baby girl!! After work, I stopped at several little baby boutiques to purchase all things pink before heading to the yoga studio to take two classes in a row.

And lastly, my mum's dog Lola had four puppies on Easter and yesterday they opened their eyes!! Isn't this one sweet? Don't we need it, Mitchell?!

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Katie said...

SOOO excited for Kara!! And for you too Auntie Jocie!! You are going to have so much fun with that little girl!!!:)