Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I always start to write posts about Winnipeg but surprisingly, they never seem to go anywhere. I found a draft entitled "Winnipeg" and when I opened it, it was blank. Hmph.

Another draft I found was this post entitled "March Madness": March Madness is not just a term applicable to the college basketball tourney that can be found displayed on every TV in every sports bar at the moment with millions of intoxicated male alumni decked out from hat to the custom-made sneakers in their coveted alma mater's team logos probably icing each other, it's also a term I have applied to my Winnipegan life. Starting off, I just returned from a fabulous week's vaca in California to come home to snow and -31 degrees weather... that is madness.

That's as far as I got with that post.

But tonight, I discovered the magic of B.D.I. Well, in all honesty, I actually went there for the first time with Kristy and Heather last week but I feel like I felt the full effect tonight when Mitch and I went there for Date #2. I got a Skor flurry spoon shake (the closest thing I can get to a cookie dough blizzard) and M got a mixed berry shake. There were lots of couples on dates and families with kids! The line was as long as it was in this picture (I still have not replaced my camera but Google Image has become my new blogging best friend!)
After we got our treats, we walked over the bridge (B.D.I. stands for Bridge Drive-In) and through a quiet neighborhood on the other side looking at all the cute houses along the river that winds through Winnipeg and really screws up traffic... errr..
It has been super nice out lately and stays light out until about 10 so I plan to take full advantage of these long summer nights! =)

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Takingstock said...

Hi Jocelyn...I am sorry to say I haven't read your blog in such a long time. I am so happy I stopped by again. When I saw BDI it brought back so many memories. My sister lived in that area back during my U of M days. It is fabulous! My favorite treat was a blueberry sunday. I know boring...but delish! I chatted with your mom on FB one day. It was great! Keep blogging, you have such a gift and I hope one day we can meet. I was in MB a couple of weeks ago on vacation. My daughters are out at the lake with my parents for the summer. Take good care.

Lori Pshebniski