Wednesday, June 02, 2010

lost in translation.

It was such a nice day outside so Mitch and I went to Assiniboine Park and spent our mid-afternoon reading books in the sunshine today. It's not very often that I lay out in parks but when I am do I'm always reminded of the time someone (although I can't remember who) recommended Carly and I go lay out at the Boboli Gardens when we were living in Florence. It was such a beautiful day and we just wanted somewhere to relax with a book after five weeks of traveling literally everyday so we packed a towel & a novel and trekked across the city up to the very top of the Boboli Hill. We entered through an amazing palace, the Palazzo Pitti, where the famous Medici family once lived (?- I'm not very good with historical facts but something Medici happened here). We were surrounded by an amazing collection of sculptures, grottos and gardens and the greenery looked like am amazing place to relax in the sun. Within seconds after we had laid out our towel and stripped down to our bikinis, a security man came over quite frazzled and in broken English told us that sunbathing was not permitted in the Gardens. I remember being quite confused as a local specifically told us this was one her favourite things to do (I think). Obviously, something was lost in translation - like she actually laid out in a garden near the Boboli or similar to the Boboli but it couldn't have possibly been the actual Giardino di Boboli. Upon returning to the US and being reunited with the internet, I remember googling the Boboli Garden and in retrospect, I've decided that our Italian mishap would be similar to an Italian laying out in Arlington Cemetery.

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