Friday, June 11, 2010


Thank Goodness it's Friday ... how is it Friday already?! I have not blogged since Monday which means I'm 3 days behind on my 30 day blogging challenge. I've worked the past couple of days and working 12 hour shifts just doesn't allot a lot time for blogging ... I've spent my entire day off super cleaning my apartment tackling the clothes mountain that always seem to accumulate in our room (and by always, I mean since I was like five years old). It's been so miserable outside raining every single day this week and kind of cold (again!). Because there's not much to do when it rains, I also have been going through my blog posts and reading old saved drafts. Most of them are incomplete thoughts that I start out passionately writing about something I really needed to get off my chest but then I never really run anywhere with it. I organized them and decided to post them to make up for my lost three days.

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Katie said...

Love the new blog look! Very summery!! I also have a clothes mountain that I have been climbing all week. Somehow it doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. If we could all just go nakey for a few days I think I could catch up! I am enjoying your 30 day blog challenge!! Hope life is going wonderfully for you!! I miss you!

Oh PS: I vote bang. Always bang! HA! Seriously though, your bangs look suer cute. I say stick with them :)