Monday, October 11, 2010

lucky stars.

          She thanks her lucky stars.
Today is (Canadian) Thanksgiving and to me, it is toooo weird to celebrate Turkey Day 1. in October 2. Without a parade and 3. Without going to bed dreaming of all the door busters I would get in the morning ... therefore I forfeited. But seeing as I did receive a few texts wishing me a happy T-giving, I spent a great majority of today pondering what I am thankful for + because my brain has a crazy confusing thought process, I organized my thankfuls in the order that I encounter them in a day. Then I limited the list to 8 as I have a habit of getting carried away:

1. Caffeine + Hazelnut Cream + Splenda. Must. Have. It. Everyday. I can't think of a more ideal way to jumpstart my day than a freshly brewed cup of half coffee/half cream + 3 Splendas. The sweeter the better for I am a firm believer that all things in life should taste like cake!!
2. My running shoes + my IPOD.  I have run a lot of miles in the sneaks I currently own and I think of those 1 full/2 half marathons every time I lace up my shoes ... and then feel the ground beneath my feet because there is not much sole left in them. While I cherish the memory of running with my disc man + it skipping with every step I took, I'm so thankful for every IPOD I have ever owned. Idk how anyone can run long distances without music to drown out the breathlessness and as a lover of lyrics, sometimes I literally get lost in the words of the songs on my "working on my fitness" playlist. 
3. Sunshine. I wish I could bottle it up + keep it in a mason jar in my pocket.
4. My agenda + coloured pens.  I've had an agenda a.k.a. "my life" ever since I started acquiring semi-important responsibilities when I quickly realized I am a very disorganized person and when combined with extreme procrastination = dropped balls everywhere... My agenda helps me juggle it all but I will only write in it with pretty coloured pens! My rainbow of checked off boxes really could be one of the obscure pieces of "modern art" featured at the MOMA! Consider this my pretentious description of my work.
5. Great Conversations. There is a strong correlation between how long I have known someone and how much I enjoy the conversation. At times this state of mind hinders me from letting in new people but I can't refrain from a good reminiscing sesh to relish in + will seize every opp to revisit my childhood/college years/days with my mum with old friends/great family. i.e. I've known Kara my entire life, (obvi) + this past week has been filled with great convos!  
6. Coffee shops + book stores. I think I frequent one or the other every single day of my life + especially love it when the two are combined! They both have such magnificent aromas. They are both great places for people-watching... + eavesdropping (6a. I have a guilty pleasure of listening in on the conversations occurring around me). They are both perfect environments to think.    
7. Traveling + photographs. The world is my oyster + I am determined to find the pearls in all the magical cities in the world. I am incredibly attracted to the stamps in Mitch's passport + I am determined to fill up mine by the time it expires in 2013. The only thing fabulous about a vacation ending is all the photographic memories I return home with!  
8.. Heads-up pennies. Wish bones. Lucky stars. Vehicles that enable me to dream the life I live + live the life of my dreams.

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