Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last Saturday, me + my roomies decided to have a tailgate before the game since kick-off wasn't until 7:00 pm. We spent about forty-five minutes finding our tailgate essentials ... not a tent, cornhole, satellite tv or a keg ... but a trunk, bud light lime, gator coozies + sugar cookies with orange & blue sprinkles! 

 A bit of amateurs at drinking being 2 years out of college + never drinking much while in college either, we couldn't consume our 24 case fast enough so we started shotgunning beers .... ironically, the lady we asked to take these pictures was a DUI attorney + was "happy to help us later!" Pretty hilarious that it wasn't until a reunion two years later that we all shotgun a beer together for the first time! Miss these girls so much already! Can't wait for our Roommate Reunion 2011 - tentatively set for MLK weekend in PHX! Love, love, love you girls! =)

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