Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!!! X 3.

When our uber-original idea for a Halloween costume was aired on the Today Show + in a window display at American Apparel, Carly + I decided that maybe the once popular, iconic Troll Dolls were making a comeback this year so we abandoned our nude unitards + inspired by a boy scout shirt Carly found in a vintage shop in Echo Park, we came up with these lovely costumes:
 Carl Fredricksen + Wilderness Explorer Russell 
 . Friday night we went to a bar in Hollywood rented out by Harvard alumni/people in the entertainment industry so the combined intelligence + vested interest in the film industry made our costume(s) a huge hit! 
Last night, we went on a mini pub crawl in Santa Monica with these hooligans (the guys Carly works with dressed up as wrestlers .... here is 7 of the 9 of them!) + needless-to-say, we had a lot more explaining to do as we were not "sexy einstein/sexy old man + sexy girl scout/sexy balloon boy tied together with balloons - Happy Birthday!!" as some intoxicated people thought.

Perfecting my perpetual scowl + Carly's alarmingly sunny disposition
 in the back of a cab with our balloons that floated above us in the bars all night ....

When your routine for getting ready to go out includes glueing on eye lashes, spray painting your hair grey + stopping at a costume shop to buy a fresh bouquet of balloons, it really is a lot of dedication but it's not stopping us from celebrating a third night in a row.  Tonight we are headed to West Hollywood to watch the infamous parade + hang out with some of LA's finest drags. Happy Halloween (weekend!)!!!  =)

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