Wednesday, April 13, 2011

eat, drink & meet Murray!!

Seattle Day 2: Happy Hour & a Flirt Failure.
After a little shopping in downtown Seattle, Carly & I decided to head up to Capitol Hill to see what all the hype was about! My camera died doing a *certain filming* in the bars so I don't have pictures to accompany our night but it went a little something like this...
Bar #1: Grim's Butterfly Lounge
Well, we kinda got there at oh, i don't know... 4:30 so the butterflies were still sleeping lounge itself wasn't lit up yet but we did enjoy our purple cocktails coupled with a gourmet grilled cheese appetizer... and vino!
Bar #2: From there, we walked a couple of blocks to a Mexican restaurant named Barrio where we opted to sit at the bar, drink a few mojitos, margaritas, and micheladas and flirt with the bartender while we ate our guacamole & quesadillas!
Flirt Failure {again}:
JK: You went to Cornell?
Bartender: Ya, I played soccer there.
CH: Did you know M.C.?
Bartender: Not personally, knew he was damn good hockey player though.
JK: What about D.M.?
Bartender: Goal tender? From Texas? Ya, they always towered over me in the locker rooms...
JK & CH: Check please!
... and that was when we hailed a cab & headed back down to the Downtown District. We asked our cabbie to take us safely back to our hotel but he said "It's 10:30. Too early to go home!" so we said "Fine, take us where we should go then!" He proceeded to drive past our hotel & drop us off at the top of a staircase near the waterfront.
Bar #3: He said "Go down those stairs. You'll see ZigZag Cafe." Walking a little zigzaggy ourselves, we were a bit concerned where we were headed...
 {we retraced our steps the next day and took these lovely pictures in the alleyways along our way! Oddly enough, these walls looks waaay less creepy in daylight.}
We didn't realize where our cute, little cabbie dropped us off was actually a big deal...

Murray was voted "Best Bartender in America" last year and came out from the bar when we walked in & personally invited us to take two seats at his coveted bar. He asked us what we wanted and when we said "something sweet but not too sweet" in true typical-tipsy-girl-ordering-a-drink-at-the-bar fashion..."Clear or dark liquor?" "CLEAR!" ... he came up with the perfect concoction: A Cryin' Bryan!
The night ended with two annoying guys drinking a cocktail that tasted like yoga water who claimed that we "stole the seats they've been waiting for all night" buying our drinks and us making a mad dash out the back door {& apparently, I took this picture I just found on my phone to prove it!}... Good night!

The following morning, I got up early and headed to the University of Washington's campus to meet the program coordinator... can you guess where I decided to go to school?? Stay tuned to find out...

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