Sunday, April 17, 2011

swOOnday! swOOnday! swOOnday!

((... say in your best Jan C. Gabriel voice...))
After a whirlwind weekend, I'm enjoying a quiet Sunday evening, unwinding with a petite glass of red wine paired with a yummy homecooked meal {not by me, duh!... but a chef I will be introducing you to in the very near future!}, followed by a long hot bath {to wash the parrot feathers out of my hair} & curling up with a good book to practice for four days of R&R&Fun that begins at approximately 3:10 tomorrow afternoon when the girl I've been relaxing with for spring break since I was twelve arrives in Florida...
Now that I've set the perfect {swOOn} setting, here are all the lovelies I'm gushing over lately:

This little man's (who is almost ten. I can hardly believe it. TEN! A decade! A double digit! Ohmyword.) presence in my life. You, my tiny angel, touch the life of every person you meet... and continue to single-handedly inspire the amazing course of my own life's work! Your sweet voice will be heard by tens of thousands HERE this summer and I wouldn't miss it for the world! Can I get a standing 'O'?!
Spirit Airline and their $77 flights from Tampa to Costa FREAKA!! When a fabulous friend of mine texted me recently in dire need of some R&R (I'm a professional R&R'er!) I gleefully obliged to join her at this ahmazing resort for an ENTIRE WEEK of white, sandy beaches! surfing! sunshine! volcanoes! monkeys! Can I get a zipline through a cloud rainforest?! Aahhh yaahh 

Mangoes are the new avocado. Truly. Ever since I learned how to properly eat a mango {thank you, YouTube!} & that I'm not severely allergic {thank you, immune system of steel} I have been craaaaving mangoes all. the. time. Raw. In my Greek yogurt. In my smoothies. On top of my froyo. In my salsa. Flavoured my lip balm. My addiction is getting a little out of control... Can I get a fist pump for the Produce Picker Podcasts?! Holla.
I'd like to thank Groupon for allowing me to rekindle my love/hate relationship with hot yoga! Much to my kidneys' dismay, I got an unlimited month {valued at $150} for $40 at a fabulous studio down the street from me casa! In Florida, they don't even have to heat the room for it to reach 105 degrees! I love that I can feel the toxins being rung out of my organs as I twist and contort in all the crazy positions whilst sweating profusely! Can I get a downward dog?! Namaste.

I'm in love... with Blake Shelton. There's something about the man + all that scruff. He performed at CountryFest last summer & totally redeemed his fiance's awful performance the night before rocked out! He puts on such a fabulous show + he's just so adorable! Every time a commercial for The Voice comes on, I get all excited to hear him talk in his adorbz country accent! & his new single!! ... Can I get a strong+steady, shot-of-whiskey, shade tree, honey bee?! Good night.
Canada I was little delayed to jump on the smartphone bandwagon but when I moved back from the Great, White North I was soo excited to throw my Blackberry on the pavement, run over it, put my car in reverse and hit it again get an iPhone. A lover of all these Apple, I knew I would love it but swoon THIS MUCH, I had noo idea. It makes reading all my favourite blogs so easy. Boarding passes on my phone. Google continuously at my fingertips. Skyping with Reese while I'm laying out. Using it as an iPod while I run following a route I created with my mapmyrun app! Playing Scrabble with Grams on road trips. Rockin' out to Pandora 24/7. Booking cabs with taximagic. Finding restaurants with urbanspoon.  Learning my surroundings with AroundMe. Making reservations with opentable. Using all my different cameras: hipstamatic, instagram, etc. I LOVE IT! Can I get a slooow clAPP?! You rock, Steve Jobs! 

Okay, that was corny. The vino is kicking in... Cin! Cin!

Joyeux SwOOnday, mon amours!

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