Thursday, April 28, 2011

on a happier note...

I would be lying if I said yesterday was any better than the day before (reality really bites sometimes!)... but on a much happier note, I have one more shift tonight and then I am off for an entire 5 days and I cannot think of a better way to spend it than with my darling niece, Reese + my skista (who safely survived the tornadoes last night that tore through Tennessee)!

On a royal note, I'm pathetically excited to tune in to Will & Kate's Wedding tonight as I love weddings!! and Princess Di is like my 42nd cousin (fo real!) so its so wonderful to see fam get married off... & lucky for me, I will already be awake (& getting paid) at 4am so double awesome!

On a maintaining-anxiety-free-note, I'm tackling my to-do list one task at a time... One of the many things that has been super stressing me out is being offered a contract that doesn't start until June 28th... one month after my current contract ends... A part of me feels uber guilty for taking a month off work in the middle of summer but another part of me says Hell ya, I need a month off! since I will be starting school June 20th + will obvs need time to get my first graduate class in order (that's a legit excuse)...

On a when-are-you-too-old-to-love-B.Spears-note, I'm also reuniting in Vegas in June to see B. Spears & I'm going to need the entire month to mentally prepare myself for this up&coming *epic* weekend! I'm also running a half marathon, going on a babymoon and will be driving across the country + settling in on the West Coast (who wants to take a road trip?!... no seriously, any takers?) ... so I'm thinking I'll be too busy to work in June anyways!

SO YAAY! ... 12 more shifts and this chick is back in retirement!! =)

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