Sunday, April 03, 2011


I was really excited to sWOOn this Sunday over the many fanciful things I've been indulging in lately but ever since Carly called this afternoon to tell me that she was going to join me later this week for 3 days of awesomeness + a little bit of grad school shopping, I can't seem to get Seattle off my mind! All I can think about is space needles + coffee shops + Pike Place markets!! Maybe if I relate everything back to the Emerald City, I'll be able to trick my mind in to wandering elsewhere & get my sWoon on...
If there is one thing Carly + I kick ass at, it is being a savvy traveler. We have been around the world together + have the same "When in Rome" philosophy that enables us to see the Palace of Versailles, the Lourve, the Eiffel Tower + eat fondue in Montmarte all in ONE day! Our get-up-at-dawn, map-reading, public-transit-riding, guidebook-bible-ing, asking-the-locals skills are sWOOn-worthy awesome like that.
I absolutely cannot wait to board a plane Wednesday morning to rendezvous on the Best West Coast! Although Allegiant Air failed me last week when my flight got canceled causing me to miss a coveted shift, they are usually the BEST airline! They fly in to smaller airports & it just so happens that I have lived near these hole-in-the-walls to take full advantage of their non-stop flights averaging $19.99 one way! Fargo to Los Angeles? Check. Grand Forks to Phoenix? Check. Punta Gorda to Knoxville to St. Petersburg? Check. You cannot beat their prices + only having to arrive 30 minutes before take-off? sWOOn.
... but if you need to fly somewhere that Allegiant does not fly in to and it doesn't matter when you get you there I have to recommend bidding on your flight on Priceline!! It is pretty much the most awesome thing ever... the most I have saved is $350 on one flight! The Name Their Own Price option also works on car rentals ($75 with tax for an entire week in LA? Check.) and hotels, too... This is the beauty we bid on: The Grand Hyatt at Pike Place Market retailing $199/night but Carly & I will happily be calling it our home for a shabby $80/night. sWOOn.  
 One of mine & Carly's favourite things to indulge in together are pedicures! We have spent many afternoons in Burbank having adorable little women primp our toes... but my new obsession is the Shellac Gel Manicure. While I actually have not had one myself, I have seen {and drooled over} how lustrous the UV-set polish turns out & if we pass a nail salon in Seattle, we WILL be stopping in to get one! It lasts so much longer, too... so I hear! =) sWOOOOn.
While we are on the topic of beauty products, the one thing I cannot live without these days is the Benefit "That Gal" face primer. It makes your skin glow & makes your base make-up stay on all day!! I'm talkin' 12 entire hours for the shift working nurses in the world. sWOOn.
I am positive we will be trying many new restaurants while we are in Seattle but the one place I cannot get enough of in South Tampa is YOGURTOLOGY. It is AHmazing!! My favourite flavour: oatmeal cookie + cheesecake swirled. My favourite topping: oatmeal creme pie {just like from your childhood} + graham cracker crumbs!! double sWOOn.
& when I'm not eating my yogurt frozen, I am consuming it Greek-style with honey. + bananas. It's like eating [cake} for breakfast. But healthy & more time-of-day appropriate. sWoon. sWOOn.

What are you sWOOning over this Sunday?

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