Thursday, April 07, 2011


I promise i'm alive. I worked a cajillion hours days and nights and evenings and sometimes for sixteen hours at a time the last five days and could hardly remember what day it was when I woke up... sometimes at 2am; sometimes at 4 in the afternoon... but never at a normal time where I felt coherent enough to blog. Anyways... I arrived safely in Forks Seattle yesterday evening. Carly & I reunited at the airport and hailed a taxi to our fabu hotel! We shook her phone (using the urbanspoon app) to find a sushi restaurant near us. Only seven blocks away, we randomly ate amazing sushi with truffle oil at Japonessa!
When we arrived, we were a little confused as to why the hostess was like "Well, I have these 2 tables available down here but it can be freezing down here so if you want to sit at that lone table in the middle of the dining room up there!!!, I'll seat you up there." Flor-nia girls, we naturally opted for the warmer table but I didn't expect to immediately start sweating before we even sat down when Carly & I simultaneously realized that the OLSEN TWINS (Read: Our Childhood Idols!!) were sitting at the table 3 feet away from us!!
I pretty much spent the first hour of dinner downing Asahi to calm my nerves and eavesdrop on their "uber normal" conversation...
Needless-to-say, this vacation {after less than 12 hours} is already olsen-twin-awesome! =) & I will be spending the rest of the trip reciting It Takes Two trying not to let my Mary-Kate & Ashley siting influence my grad school selection. T-48 hours til I have made a commitment...
I hope that when I arrive HERE tomorrow morning it will be that can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, world series kinda stuff... and the decision will already be made for me! =)

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Marianne said...

Holy crap you saw the Olsen twins?!?!?!!? I'm SO jealous!!!! We're totally products of the 80s. And I love your It Takes Two quote at the end ;)

Good luck with your visit tomorrow-- if that's a picture of the campus, it's insanely gorgeous!