Monday, April 25, 2011

much-to-celebrate Monday

Every Monday after I write this post, I think to myself What ever am I going to celebrate next week?! I spend my entire week celebrating the exciting new opportunities each day brings living for the moment & staying in the present making sure to not take any ray of sunshine for granted... certain that the next week will never top the last... but then the next week comes & there a cajillion more fabulous things to celebrate & I start this incredible circle of a {wondrous} life all over again! =) Life is good... so, so good.

I'm celebrating the afternoon showers that permeate southwest Florida this time of year... sweet sunshine all day and then like clockwork around 5:00, the dark clouds roll in, the skies open up and a fabulous rainstorm comes down! Yesterday, I got caught in the rain on my long-run-Sunday and it was the most refreshing finish to my long miler. Today, I laid silent + still in the yoga studio listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the tin roof; occasionally a clap of thunder, seemingly perfectly choreographed, would cue the next position change. I absolutely love the curling-up-on-the-couch-with-a-hot-cuppa-tea-kinda-rain the most. I can't wait for those May flowers you promise me, April showers but for now, I'm enjoying the amount of use I'm getting out of my Wellies splashing in the puddles you create daily!
I'm celebrating that tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and coloured for the LAST time as a blonde! Blondes really do have more fun but I'm thinking this grad student is going to need to get serious with her studies & coupled with my new pair of Rx specs, becoming a brunette again in the Fall will be the perfect I'm-a-hardcore-graduate-student ensemble!

I'm celebrating that I will reach my 700th blog post this week!! 700!! That is insane {like bat-shit crazy}. I'm not fashionable {my wardrobe spends more time serving as carpet & "clothes mountains" & filling a huge void as the one that sleeps next to me... than as put-together "outfits"}. I don't have a husband {although I have an entire wedding planned}. I rarely ever write about my career {albeit it's a fabulous one}. I don't have kids {but check back in 10 years & I promise I'll have four of them}. I don't own an ETSY shop {although I have made a craft out of shopping on Etsy}. What the hell do I write about seven hundred times over?
I'm celebrating that I'm 2/3 through my first travel assignment and I am still ABSOLUTELY loving it! There is something just so fabulous about relishing in all the perks of nursing and not being responsible for the politics of the job... I'm celebrating that I will more than likely find out where my next assignment is this week... and I'm thinking the West Coast is screaming my name! San Fran, anyone?
I'm celebrating that this weekend I will be loving + kissing + squishing on my favourite little girl in the entire world + spend time with her mama who just so happens to be my favourite sista! I might even get to see my Mama, too which would just make my fickle heart so happy! Speaking of happy hearts, I'm celebrating how over-the-moon happy my heart is in this moment. Nothing so undefined has made this much {non}sense in a long time but I kinda like it that one-day-at-a-time way...

Oh, happy heart!

Bon Lundi, les amis et la famille!!


Anonymous said...

This is such an inspiring post! Thanks for sharing what you are so thankful for! I definitely agree with the rain :)


Marianne said...

Your outlook on life is nothing short of inspiring. Love how you find such pleasure in the small things!

We may have been separated at birth:

1. I have my entire wedding planned, too. Matter of fact, I was looking at wedding dresses the other day hahaha. Loser status.

2. I also want 4 kids.

3. Obvs the whole nursing & traveling thing.

Hope you're having a fabulous week!