Saturday, October 23, 2010

coming home.

Last weekend was just what my heart needed - a great homecoming with my best friends recreating our favorite college memories! Friday, Jess + I made the 8 hour drive (from Tennessee) to Gainesville in which we sang at the top of our lungs the entire way just like our numerous road trips in college! We rendezvoused with Carly + Megan at the mall to stock up on gator gear + get my eyebrows threaded by Veena (just like old times)! 

After getting ready together (borrowing each other's clothes + make-up) we headed to the stadium for Gator Growl, the country's largest student run pep rally! Aziz Ansari + Kevin Hart performed! 
Then we headed out to Swamp, one of the best bars in Gvegas, + caught up over pitchers of Blue Moon! 
Saturday, we went to Satchel's, our favourite pizza place before heading to campus to tailgate until kick-off! While this is a "rebuilding" year for the Gators, we still had a lot of fun at the game cheering our hearts out for our boys!     

It was a tradition in college that we always made breakfast or went for brunch on Sundays so before we left Gainesville, we went to The Flying Biscuit for brunch!

Sunday night, Carly + I went to Daniel Tosh's stand-up in Tampa Bay before Jess + I drove to Nashville Monday night. I left my camera but we met up with some of Jess' new nursing friends from Vanderbilt + my first + favorite friend from college, Liz! She is the one of the most fabulous people I know + I am so glad we have kept in touch the last few years! Now back in Knoxville for my last week with Reese, I'm not sure how I am going to leave on Monday....
...I long to live a life again filled with laughter + sunshine!

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