Saturday, October 09, 2010

southern comfort(s).

It's only been four days of recovery but I already feel 100% American again and wow! how I've missed some of my favorite southern comforts. We went straight to Moe's from the airport and yummmm, the moo moo Mr. Cow still tastes like delish college-diet-on-a-budget! Kara and I ventured out on Wednesday and took Reesey P. for sweet tea at McAlister's and to Target for her very first time (She loved it!). Thursday we took Reese to Duck Duck Goose, a crazy insane consignment shop that only happens 4 days a year ... the lines and crowds kinda reminded me of black friday except it was exclusively stay-at-home-moms fighting for the gently used.      

We also went to a couple of the super cute baby boutiques here and had lunch/shopped in the market square downtown. Reese has been so fabulous on our little outings in her MOBY wrap, we took her to lunch for a third day in a row on Friday to meet Creed's co-workers (who are just like the characters on The Office) at the most apropos place, Chili's. In between our adventures and our cuddles, I have managed to delve in to all my old past times - running (an entire 3.2 miles!), laying by the pool (I don't think I've seen a pool since practically living by one every afternoon in LA) and GameDay in which we spent the entire day today watching college football! =)
My heart has been so content in Tennessee, I have completely forgotten I even reside in Winnipeg, lol.  It feels so fabulous to not have to worry about the weather randomly dropping to negative temperatures and my flip-flop clad toes freezing off! It feels so fabulous to grocery shop again and buy all your favorite things without crossing a border and for less than $200. It feels so fabulous to feel so close to my besties ... within driving distance, can pick up the phone at any time, reunion next weekend!! All my (southern) comforts have returned to me and  life just feels fabulous.

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