Friday, October 29, 2010

peace out, reality.

I really tried to be an adult this week but when the realization that my heart strings were tied in a horrendous knot that I wasn't quite strong enough to detangle (yet) sent me in to a full-blown anxiety attack, I drove my panic-stricken self straight to the airport + booked an upright seat on the next flight out... Where could I go to get out of the balmy weather + gale force winds of Winnipeg? What is the one place that it's okay to put off adult responsibilities for a week + shift my every focus to constructing the perfect costume to celebrate Halloween for the next 3 nights in a row? Where could I find the tastiest lattes paired with the most enlightening coffee talk? No other than my happy place ... L.A.! Nothing calmed my heart like flying out of Chicago at sunset + flew west in to a perpetual orange sky before landing amidst the traffic + lights surrounding LAX which has always been ironically appeasing for me. This morning, Carly + I walked to her fave coffee shop to gush about life over these delish lattes made by 3 adorable baristas. Off to find suspenders, loafers, + horn-rimmed glasses. Peace out, reality. See you, Tuesday.

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