Friday, October 01, 2010

organic bliss.

Usually, December is my favorite month of the year. Everything is covered in pretty sparkling lights. There's plenty of delicious dainties everywhere you turn (especially in the break room at work.) There's Christmas and family time and hearts filled with cheer. There's New Year's and new leafs and a resolution list a mile long (so many little boxes for me to check off!) BUT this year I'm certain October will be the most fabulous month of them all. I'm working 5 shifts for the entire month .... but will be paid during my absence because come Tuesday, I'm officially on vacation!! And more importantly, I am flying to Knoxville on Tuesday to see Kara and meet baby Reese!!! I get to spend almost three amazing weeks with the duo! While in Tennessee, I will be traveling to Florida to see three of the most fabulous people I know but shhh.... it's a secret surprise! All I can say is MIA!! MOD!! OMG!! =) From here, I'll be making a fantastic cameo at UF's Homecoming to meet up with my beautiful loves (the eternal roommates!) & the Hallams at no place other than the Swamp!! .... AND what would be a visit to Gvegas without a fabulous play date with the KittyKat Kindergartener Kate!!! eee ... I can hardly wait!! When back in Tennessee, I'll be writing the GRE, doing a little grad school campus visit @ Vandy/meeting up with my favorite friend from college/seeing Jess' new life in Nashville and then heading to NC for my cousin's wedding. Reese is my date! Yaay!! I return to the Peg to work one silly shift before flying to LA LA Land to celebrate Halloween in true West Hollywood (unreal) fashion!! Carly + I's costumes will be amazing ... also a secret surprise but think nude unitard! Of course, I will be seeing all of my California Loves too! oh my goodness. I can hardly contain myself. This is the best present (to myself!) ever!! Much better than that winter jacket I was going to buy for 40%. And that mani/pedi/facial package I was going to treat myself to. Ahhhh. October = Organic bliss. 

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