Friday, October 08, 2010

reading with reese.

For anyone who knows me even in the most impersonal way possible, they would know that all through college I was a nanny to the most precious newborn baby girl and little did I know that tiny baby would grow up to be the smartest little girl in all the world. Sidebar: Little did I know, I would also wish everyday that I could be Miss Kate's nanny for the rest of my life. It was absolutely the best job in the world. End sidebar. At nine months old, she was recognizing animals (particularly by their tails) at the zoo. At one year old, she could tell you what every animal said including but not limited to domesticated and feral cats, worms, goats, goldfish and squirrels. By the time she was two, she had a bigger vocabulary than I did. Coupled with an eloquent mother with a Ph.D in English, I credited this baby genius syndrome to the amount of books she had read to her in the first bit of life. I am positive that Dr. Seuss + Pat the Bunny were a huge contributor to Kate: a child prodigy and that is why I could hardly wait to start reading some of my, I mean Kate's, favorites to Reese. I was (secretly) impressed that I still had the Sandra Boynton series and Brown Bear, Brown Bear committed to memory. Its like riding a tricycle! =)


RHONDA said...

Oh, that Reese of yours is one lucky girl! And adorable!

I always thought Kate was smart because of her nannies, who gave her so many varied experiences in the world! She is--we are--so fortunate to have you in our lives.

Takingstock said...

You look so much like your mom in these photos Jocelyn! Congratulations to Kara, Creed, and you! Reese is beautiful. You are so right...reading means the world. Russ and I have such special memories cuddling with the girls and reading. We always talk about the books they loved and the girls still pick them up to read. Have fun with Reese and your time in Tennessee.