Thursday, October 21, 2010

hush, my clamoring heart.

My fragile heart,

It's okay to cry.

You loved with your entirety and now that that love has left you, you feel hollow. 
To fear you may drown in your tears is a part of the healing process; a poetic washing away of the heartache that encumbers you now. 
A fierce burning almost crippling in your chest, as one heart separates back in to two.
The pain catalyzed by the severing of ties can be immense but know that time truly does heal. 
It is time to redirect your focus on reclaiming your own happiness.
Find solace in knowing you have made the right decision in letting go.
It is not a failure.  It is a life lesson. 
It may be hard to discern tangled up in a web of happy memories and "what could have beens" but now you must unweave the heart strings woven around a fairy tale that doesn't exist. 
You shared many laughs, many goals, many moments of intimacy. 
He knew you well; in your rawest form. 
Sometimes no amount of shooting stars or pennies can make your wishes come true + when you realize this, you have to dream a new dream.

You will feel him next to you while you dream.
It is okay to miss him.

It's okay to cry.

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