Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mango: 1. Healthy Diet: 0.

JK: Do I just cut into it?
MD: I don't know; I've never seen a mango.
JK: How do I know if I'm allergic? Don't people have severe allergic reactions to mangoes?
MD: Try it.
JK: Why is it so sour?
MD: Maybe it's not ripe.
JK: Well, how do you know if it's ripe?
MD: I don't know. That's why I'm eating a brownie.
JK: (longingly gazes in to her bowl}
MD: ...With ice cream.
JK: I'm not eating a brownie until I eat something of sustenance first.
MD: Like a mango?
JK: Maybe! It almost tastes spicy. Is it supposed to?
MD: Well, Mexicans like them... so maybe?
JK: ugghh... is there a pit in the middle that I can't see? Why won't it cut?
MD: Google "how to cut a mango". Honestly, have you ever seen someone eating a mango?
JK: I don't think so.
MD: Well, maybe it's not something you're supposed to eat outright. Like they're only meant to be blended in smoothies.
JK: F*ck it. I'm eating a brownie.
JK:... with ice cream.


Chelsea said...

hahaha that is hilarious. i just ate ice cream. with chocolate chips and brownies and graham crackers. and you know what?? ill do it again!!!! :)

Megan Duby said...

OMG...I'm crying at work I'm laughing so hard!! I think people know that I probably not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I love having you around. You make eating mangos fun.

Katie said...

Hahaha this made me laugh a lot!! When in doubt always eat a brownie. With ice cream :)
PS love your new buttons. I think Our Fave Miracles might just have to get adorned with one!