Thursday, March 31, 2011

Keep cool & carry on.

{Three blog posts in one day... that's a new record!}
Today has been one of those days... between tornado warnings {that didn't stop me from going running + taking this picture on my iPhone} and having a to-do list a mile long full of mundane "adult things" and bursting in to tears in the toothbrush aisle of Target... my goodness, I haven't had one of these hot mess kind of days in a while.
I'm sure it has something everything to do with the sudden realization that moving forward definitely isn't necessarily concurrent with moving on... not to mention that there are big LIFE decisions that I need to make in the next two weeks and I hate making decisions more than anything... seriously, if I could apply the rules of the game of LIFE to my actual life I would totally leave my future up to a noisy spinner even if it meant living in a split-level shack, adopting twin boys, being a cop (& getting $5,000 every time someone rolled a 10) + building a better mousetrap... as long as all those life tracks were chosen for me...
 I'm positive this funk is nothing a long run, a yoga session (thank you, Groupon!), a bouquet of yellow daffodils, a tall glass of wine, a long hot bath & a skype date with my bestie can't cure but for now I'll just keep pressing replay on this little beauty to bring sunshine to my gloomy day:

Keep cool + carry on.

And to my new followers, can I just extend the biggest "Welcome!!" to y'all! I'm so happy you're here! Make yourself at home & wherever you're reading this from, pour yourself a glass of Viognier & enjoy! That way, if you totally loathe the 'Burb & find yourself wishing you could have those 2 hours back (my rough estimate of how long it will take you to go all the way back to 2007!)... you'll still have gotten to enjoy a lovely carafe of wine... which is never a waste of time in my eyes! Caio bellas!

** Update: I started writing this post before I had the aforementioned Skype date with my bestie. Then she called + I got sidetracked like I often do and held a full-on pity-party for my heart-broken self in which I think the exact words "I just don't know if I'll ever be able to stop loving him!" left my blubbering mouth. Mid sad-session (a girl's allowed to have 'em... besides mine are few + far between these days!) I received an e-mail that LITERALLY turned my frown upside down... I'm talkin' rightoutofamovie irony laughing at how pathetically, hopelessly romantic I can be at times! Seriously, it was something that I NEVER IN A CAJILLION YEARS would have dreamed would happen to little ole me but it totally did AND it totally redirected my thinking... It's also still a long shot away from being a "reality" so until it happens, I'm keepin' it a secret!" I don't want to jinx the opportunity to meet Mr. Right. =) **


NP Odyssey said...

Where is that picture taken? It looks like the gulf coast of FL. when I was travel nursing. Congrats on NP school, I lived in Seattle for 8 months while working at Evergreen hospital on a travel assignment. Like some of the city, but not the weather.

Suburbs of Utopia said...

aww thanks for your input! I need all the suggestions I can get to decide which city that I've never lived in to go to school! =) This is the view of Tampa Bay, on the Florida gulf coast indeed!

NP Odyssey said...

Did travel nursing and worked staff for a short time at Morton Plant in Clearwater and travel assignments at Sarasota Memorial and in Orlando. Love Clearwater Beach.

New to your blog so are you doing DNP or Masters program? It's true that the U of Washington, U of Pennsylvania and UCSF always seem to be the three top schools for graduate nursing. However, like undergrad nursing programs all must follow some standards. So I'm sure Vanderbilt has a good program as well.

If you choose UW I have some good idea of parts of the city to live and parts to avoid.