Sunday, March 20, 2011

super{mOOn} + a smidge of Sunday{swOOn}.

Remember that happy-go-lucky, internally optimistic lover of life that I was super afraid that I had lost frozen stiff in my wild adventure: Tundra 2010? ... Well, not only did I find her again (Welcome back, self!) but she is ALIVE and in love with life on a whole new level... I'm talkin' cosmic... and this post is proof!! =)

With this fully restored pathologically peppy demeanor, I'm discovering that outlets worth swooning over are everywhere these days... not just in running, skyping, Starbucks, baking funfetti... & all my other standard vices... but I'm recognizing the smallest fraction of fancy in the most random of locations... and scattering joy accordingly.

*I did not take this picture but I kid you not, my view looked EXACTLY like this last night!* 
1. The super{moon} and the super{sunset} that preceded its arrival. Albeit I was locked in the sterile bubble I call work all day and had not caught wind that there was going to be anything super about the sun or the moon Saturday night, I immediately noticed how massive the sun appeared the second I drove off the island. To my right, the sun's reflection had turned all the buildings that the Tampa Bay skyline is comprised of in to beautiful shades of pink and as I drove West along Bayshore Drive, the vibrant light on my left nearly blinded me as it sloooowly melted in to the horizon... in which I think I started to do the sloooow clap because it was honestly, the most amazing, most fluorescent orange sunset I'd ever seen & it wasn't a quick flash either... it lasted for forever! + then the GIGANTIC moon came out & shined brighter than the aforementioned sun! Nature's night light.

2. Whipped cream vodka... Alcohol that tastes like cake? Yes, please! I could seriously drink it for breakfast, lunch and dinner... but that would make me an alcoholic so I try to limit my W.C.F.V. consumption for the really special occasions... that which my liver feels strong enough to rise to. Like weekends.
Love you, liver!

3. Six words: Josh Kelley's crossover to country music. swoon

4. Anything and everything yellow. Especially in the mustard hue.

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness!" - Joseph Pilates
5. Pilates Reformer classes are the new hot yoga... in my life, anyways. I went to one 60-minute private session and my abs hurt so bad afterwards I couldn't even touch them without wincing from the pain. Reformer: 1 Me: 0.

6. Whole Foods Hot Bar. Cuisine from around the world. Bring on the curried seitan, Thai fried tofu, mac & cheese combo. Delish! And what would a meal be without dessert?
7. Yummm. The girl who might have been informally known at her last job as "the girl from California always eating avocadoes?!" Ya, that's me & as for my new favourite way to consume my favorite fruiteggie... as ice cream! I definitely walked around Whole Foods eating a heaping bowl of avocado-flavoured (the flavour of the month!) gelato while I grocery shopped the other night. I highly recommend this method of multi-tasking to everyone.
And this adorable little gourmet popsicle place in Nashville appropriately named Las Paletas? Must. try. it. & my popsicle flavour of choice? Avocado. P.S. How cute is pregnant Jess eating cliche ice cream? You better believe I have photogs of her eating pickles, too.

8. Making decisions that require you chose from super-amazingly-awesome-golden-opportunity vs. mega-fabulous-once-in-a-{super}moon-chance ... because that's what's on my plate for the Fall!

9. Gator Basketball... fantastic! I was lucky enough to attend the first game of this year's March Madness right here in Tampa... 20 rows up from the court on Thursday! GOOO Gators... sixteen has never been so sweet! =)

10. Braids. I'm fairly certain I have worn a braid in my hair every day for the past month... which makes me also fairly certain that my nickname at my new job will be "the traveler who always has a braid in her hair?"... but I don't mind.

So much to swooon over this Sunday... but as tomorrow makes shift 4/4 and I've had 3 sleepless nights in between said shifts filled of guzzling whoamIkidding nursing green beer, NCAA, and a glimpse at the nightlife that is South Tampa, I'm currently swooning over every feather in my pillow + cannot wait to catch some zzz's!

Happy first week of spring, friends! =)

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Jenna E said...

I am so happy your so happy!!!! while reading this I found myself smiling the whole time