Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: newspaper nail polish.

*** I know it is Wednesday... but I meant to post this yesterday... on Tuesday... when all my tutorials will be held... the first Tuesday of every month... I'm hoping to increase the frequency of said tutorials when I figure out how to successfully tap into the right side of my brain Sperry said us southpaws more dominantly use! Until that day comes, I will leave you with this awesome tutorial: newspaper nail polish**

Working in the NICU, I actually sign contracts vowing that I will not wear nail polish to work so I basically have used this job requirement as an excuse to always have horribly unmanicured hands (chipped nails, skin raw + knuckles bleeding from the incessant handwashing and polar-bear-cold weather!) the last three years but on the {FLIPSIDE}... of my quarter-life retirement... I have taken full advantage of painting my fingernails each and everyday of the last three months!

I splurged when I was stranded in a strip mall in Orlando a couple of weeks ago and got a professional mani/pedi! It was Valentine's Day weekend so I was feeling sorry for myself the mani came free with the pedicure! =)

I had my fingernails painted with some nude color that I cannot remember the name of for the life of me but I have had a lot of fun playing with the hand mannequin on the OPI website the last 15 minutes searching for the creatively named colour...

I digress. When it started chipping a few days later, I came across a cute idea on a blog I would give credit to if I could remember where I read it but because I spend hours perusing blogs on a daily basis (its my guilty pleasure... so is Off the Map. It's on tomorrow night. DVR it) + have no idea where I was in Cyber World when I happened upon it, I will provide you with my own tutorial.

What You Will Need:
1. A nude/white nail colour      2. Newspaper Clippings    
3. Alcohol        4. Clear Top Coat

1. Dip individual fingernail {painted + dry with nude colour} in to a {shot} glass of alcohol for about a minute. The original recipe called for rubbing alcohol but when I didn't have any, I went with what our cupboards were stocked with: Smirnoff.
Worked like a charm! =)
*I chose my horoscope, the crossword puzzle, a review of Gnomeo + Juliet, among other things but if you're a classifieds-kind-of-girl, go for it!*
2. Press newspaper clipping on to alcohol-saturated nail and firmly hold for about thirty seconds... it kinda peels off once the writing sticks + the paper dries... just like applying cheekers on gameday! =)
3. Apply top coat + repeat steps 1 & 2 nine more times!
4. Hold your hand out + admire. Voila!


~Rachel said...

LOVE it!! What a cool idea! Now, if on.y I didn't bite my nails!

Talitha said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog when trying to find this newspaper polish tutorial.

Am definitely going to try this out myself

Great site :) am now a new follower!

Talitha xx