Thursday, March 10, 2011

much-to-celebrate-monday: thursday edition.

I'm writing this in a thunderstorm. Its a full-on downpour outside + while I hope the rain stops before I drive South this afternoon, I am absolutely loving waking up to Mother Nature + the pitter-patter of raindrops on my window. Accompanied by the occasional crack of lightning not far off in the distance, this rain shower is a blissful reminder of the temperature outside... warm enough to rain (Read: Not cold enough to snow!) In addition to the weather in Southwest Florida, there's so much to celebrate this week it just makes me want to go dancing in the streets... even if its raining!
I am celebrating Carly's fifteen seconds of fame on Tosh.0 this week. So proud of you + all the awesomeness you exude every day in the form of raunchy blog posts. Love you, lifewife! =)
I am celebrating getting to see my sweet baby Reese in T minus seven hours. I think my heart might explode when I land back in Tennessee this afternoon + squish those little rolls. My weekend away starts today and after standing for 12 hours straight the last 3 days, my tired, achey feet are excited that you, my dear weekend, are here + are full of put-your-feet-up opportunities!
I am celebrating my new roommates. They. are. awesome. Saturday nights filled of delishi sushi + Balderdash? Yes, please.
I am celebrating finding the energy + enthusiasm to commit to a half marathon that is twelve weeks away! I am celebrating its location: San Diego, CA. I cannot wait to run along the Pacific Ocean rockin' out to the live music at every mile. Best part is... I'll be running it with my besties because they have committed, too.
I'm celebrating life in South Tampa. Running routes along Bayshore. A Target on top of a Whole Foods.  Yoga + pilates studios. Starbucks within walking distance. Afternoons watching live music in Ybor City. Our neighborhood cats, Cookies + Cream. Anthropologie. Sand-covered toes + yacht clubs. A street lined with sushi restaurants + great bars... ahhh, Palma Ceia: my quaint little corner of the world.
Oh, happy weekend! =)


Katie said...

I love everything that you are celebrating this week!! I am SO happy you are loving Tampa right now. The idea of a Target on top of a Whole Foods makes my heart flutter. How have I lived so close to that architectural marvel for so long and never knew it? Enjoy your weekend with sweet little Reese! :)

Jenna E said...

yaaaaayyy!! You have a blog!! I cant wait to creep :) I love your writing xo